Dundurn Castle

This historic building is a great backdrop for romantic photos. The site features, the main castle, wooden stables, a canopy of trees, and "The Cockpit" - a small structure to the side of the castle.

610 York Blvd, Hamilton

Kerncliff Park

Previously used as a quarry, Kerncliff Park is now reserved for nature and recreation. The park has various paths, boardwalks, rocky structures, and other natural areas to take amazing photos!

2198 Kerns Rd, Burlington

McMaster University

The McMaster campus is an amazing spot for photos. The old buildings, gardens, and paths make for great scenery to frame the perfect images. It's also a great choice for any Mac grads, staff, or current students that may have a connection to the space!

1280 Main St W, Hamilton

Hendrie Valley

Hendrie Valley is one of the Royal Botanical Gardens' many trails and nature reserves. There are so many animals here it's amazing! Chickadees, ducks, chipmunks - you name it! It also features a boardwalk and various bridges that are great for images.

680 Plains Road West, Burlington

Princess Point

Princess Point sits right on the edge of the Hamilton Bay and is a popular spot for outdoor activities and photography. It has amazing open fields and paths to get those stunning golden hour images but also features a forest to get some more moody captures

335 Longwood Rd N, Hamilton

LaSalle Park

Perched on the Burlington Waterfront, LaSalle Park offers and a variety of picturesque areas including the waterfront area, marina, trails, and open green space. The park is also home to a historic pavilion which is now used as a wedding venue!

50 North Shore Blvd L, Burlington

Gage Park

Featuring a tropical Greenhouse, Gage Park has also has a multitude of paths, gardens, and structures. It also sits at the bottom of the escapement leaving a great backdrop of elevated greenery.

1000 Main St E, Hamilton

Sherman Falls

If there is one thing Hamilton is known for it's waterfalls - and man, do they look amazing in pictures! Sherman falls is one of the few falls that is easily accessible and that doesn't require a permit for photography.

789 Artaban Rd #711, Dundas

Hamilton Waterfront

Bayfront Park, Pier 4, and Pier 8 all make for great spots for photo shoots. There's lots of green space and paths, leaving for lots of room for activities. Of course, the light also comes in perfectly at sunset off the water!

200 Harbour Front Dr, Hamilton

Village Square Burlington*

This quaint set of buildings in Burlington is like taking a portal to Europe. With cobblestone paths, old-timey lamps, and historic architecture this place makes the perfect cute date photographs!

*Permit required by city - $75+HST

418 Pearl St, Burlington

That's about it. Give me a shout if you have any questions or need some more options!